Entertaining. Sexy. Romantic.

Mia Fox’s books span the genres of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, chick-lit, and light erotic with a humorous twist.

Available at all online retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes, Sony and more. For your convenience, links to the Amazon kindle and Barnes & Noble editions are listed below.

“Released” – Book One, Romani Realms Series


The discovery of an ancient bottle unleashes a Genie and the wrath of the Demon Gypsies chasing her.

Released on Amazon

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“Resurrected” – Book Two, Romani Realms Series


They’ll risk everything…friendship, love, even their lives.

Resurrected on Amazon

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“Alert the Media” – Book One, Hollywood Hotties Series

Alert the Media_medium

When you’re an entertainment publicist, there’s no better cure for a broken heart than to Alert the Media…

Alert the Media on Amazon

Alert the Media on Barnes & Noble

“Believe” – Book One, Chasing Shadows Series


Theirs was a love that would endure separation, even in the wake of a tragic accident. A romantic ghost story tied to one woman’s need to…Believe.

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Believe on Barnes & Noble

“Ready for the Yeti” – Book One, Surprise Passion Series


When a biotech company hires Anna, an anthropologist, to get up close and personal to a captured Yeti, she discovers the beast has more to offer than her disappointing ex-boyfriend.

Ready for the Yeti on Amazon

Ready for the Yeti on Barnes & Noble

“Going Steady with the Yeti” – Book Two, Surprise Passion Series


As Anna gets up close and personal with the yeti, she makes a most surprising discovery. She doesn’t want the world to get the yeti’s seed; she wants it all for herself.

Going Steady with the Yeti on Amazon

Going Steady with the Yeti on Barnes & Noble

“Ethel and the Merman” – Book Three, Surprise Passion Series


Ethel’s outlook on relationships changes dramatically when she meets Atlas, a Merman who is more man than any she has ever known.

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